PINE Compote

PINE Compote


Casting: Each artisan has their own preference for the firmness of the clay, and they need to choose the right texture that will fit with various conditions such as temperature, humidity, and the shape to be made. They must maintain a fine balance between the plate and its pedestal by finely adjusting the senses of their fingertips and the angles of their palms.

Glazing: The compound of indigo color for this piece is based on a color sample from a famous artisan named Chitōjin. Chitōjin’s unique brush techniques that alternate in pressure and lightness are used to paint areas such as the trunk of the pine tree – first by painting the outlines, and then to fill in the color. When painting, a specialized thick brush is filled with indigo paint, which is then carefully applied by squeezing the brush’s bristles, using surface tension, and inclining the product with the brushless hand. The leftover paint is returned to the brush by loosening the pressure of the hand. The beautiful gradation can only be expressed with qualified adjustments based on the senses of a skilled artisan.


The paint is slowly and carefully squeezed onto the bisque fired piece from a fully saturated brush, and any excess is then absorbed back into the same brush when the artisan loosens their grip on the brush bristles.


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PINE Compote








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